About Exam Cell

Examination Cell (E-Cell) headed by the Chief Superintendent of Examinations with supporting staffs. Conducting examinations is the prime responsibility of the Exam cell. Further, Exam cell coordinates with the University regarding all examination matters. The Chief Superintendent of Examinations supports the Secretary – Director – Principal in regards to all examination matters. Any information either received or required to be sent to the University are being dealt within the Exam cell.

The Function of the Cell

  • Any Circular, Guideline, Office Order, Notification received by the College are processed in the Exam cell, reply thereof prepared and after Secretary – Director-Principal’s signature dispatched to the University.
  • Examination Notices received from the University are duly served to all concerned.
  • The Notices for University indicating details regarding Fee Collection, the last date of fee Collection, modalities of payments of fine etc.
  • Preparation of smooth conduct of Examinations, preparation of Internal Assessment Test Time table, Invigilation duty chart, Seat allotment in the Examination halls etc.
  • During the Examination time, proper staff mobilization, assigning the duty as per the duty chart already prepared.
  • After completion of examination, distribution of Answer books to the concerned teachers and receiving the answer books and award list, and preparing in the desired format to send them to University.
  • After the results of various examinations received from the University, distribution of marks sheets to Students.
  • The Exam cell analyses all examination results and in consultation with the Secretary -Director-Principal, prepares the report thereof for submission to appropriate authorities for follow up action.
  • The University Degree Certificates received from the University by the College are sent to the students concerned by the Exam cell.
  • Examination Cell prepares all inputs for preparation and organizing the Convocation.

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