Rules And Regulations
Dear Parents

We issue a booklet to each student. The booklet contains Rules & Regulations of our college, Leave Regulations, Schedule of class tests. Internal tests, Model theory, Practical and University examination schedules (tentative).

You are requested to have a close watch and get information about the progress of your ward and sign it every time as a proof of getting the information. Your Co – operation will go a long way in building up a good career for the students and help us in maintaining academic standard and discipline of our college.

  • Our students are requested to come to college by our college bus. Hence we request not to provide any vehicle to your ward for commuting to college.
  • Our special request to out station parents, whose ward stays in Chennai, but not in the college hostel, is to discourage your ward from having a two wheeler. Providing the same leads to many problems including discipline.

ATM facility is available in the administrative block. Everyone can avail this facility.

Campus Rules And Regulations

  • All the students must wear and display the identity card inside the campus and the college bus.
  • Coming late to the class will not be permitted.
  • All the students should follow dress code in the campus.
  • The students should not use powered vehicles inside the campus.
  • Smoking, Consumption or possession of toxic drinks or drugs within the campus is strictly prohibited. Entering the campus after consumption of toxic drinks or drugs is also prohibited.
  • Do not litter inside the campus, keep the campus neat and clean.
  • Any scribbling/ writing on the desks, drawing tables/ boards or the wall should be totally avoided.
  • Unauthorized screening of any film videos, CD & camera anywhere inside the campus is totally forbidden.
  • Students should not undertake any pleasure trips or outings on their own without the permission of management in writing. Pleasure trips or outing will not be permitted to any beach or other water body, as wishes results in loss of valuable lives in the past.

Hostel Rules And Regulations

Parents/Students are asked to abide by the following Rules and Regulations

  • Parents/Guardians are allowed to meet their wards only on second Sunday for boys hostel and third Sunday for girls hostel of every month & can take their wards out from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm (with prior permission). Except second (boys) and third (girls) Sunday, parents/Guardians will not be allowed to meet their wards at any cost.
  • Parents would have to send a letter to the office, before three days, if they want their wards to visit them. This facility can be availed only once in a month on weekends or other holidays.
  • Only parents/Guardians, who have their photos pasted in the visitors pass, are allowed to meet their wards.
  • If parents want to take their wards out, they should get prior permission from the office, two days in advance.
  • During Weekdays, if parents want to meet their wards they should get prior permission from the office (1/2 an hour before i.e 2.45 pm).
  • Relatives and guardians will not be allowed to meet the hostel inmates.
  • Students could make & receive phone calls between 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm & thereafter from 8.30 pm to 10.00 pm.
    Phone No’s
    Boys Hostel : 2649 6700, 2649 6701, 2649 6702, 2649 6704
    Girls Hostel : 2649 5190, 2649 5390, 2649 5490, 2649 5410
  • Students are not permitted to leave the hostel premises during regular working days & during weekends (i.e., Saturdays & Sundays)
  • The state-of the art “Computer Center” at the hostel could be optimally utilized by the hostlers at the appropriate Time-Schedule.
  • Amenities such as Yoga Hall & medical facilities that are offered at the hostel premises can be utilized by hostlers at the appropriate time slots.
  • On working days students should leave the hostel campus by 7.30 am. During College hours (7.30 am – 3.30pm) student’s entry into the hostel is restricted.
  • Students are permitted to play outdoor & indoor games and utilize Gym facility only during evening hours from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm.
  • Students shall have compulsory study Hours from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm daily.
  • Students should not come out of their respective rooms & loiter in others rooms during the study hours (i.e 6 to 8 pm)
  • Students are strictly not allowed to go to other’s room after 11.00pm & they should sleep only in their respective rooms allotted for them.
  • All the Hostlers are advised not to entertain other students in their rooms. Else the authorities are not responsible for any theft and pilferage.
  • All the Hostlers are asked to avoid bringing valuable things. If they bring they are asked to keep it locked in their respective cupboards.
  • The hostel rooms should be maintained neat and clean without garbage, dust and cobwebs.
  • Students should ensure safety of their belongings in the hostel rooms. They are advised not to keep excess cash and valuables in their room.
  • The room should be kept locked whenever the students go out of the room.
  • Guests/ Visitors/ Day scholars are not permitted to enter the hostel.
    Violation of any of the above rules will be viewed seriously and severe action will be taken.


6 Self addressed Rs. 5 /- stamped covers for each year should be submitted to the respective counselors at the beginning of the semester / year.

Absence for internal exams and model exam will be viewed seriously. The students who fail in internal tests and Model exam should attend the special classes and submit the assignments.


Question bank assignment should be submitted to the respective staff members periodically unit wise.

Change Of Address

If there is any change in the address, it should be informed to the respective student‘s attendance in charge by the parent. Boarding point in the ID card should also be changed immediately.

Student’s Diary

It should be maintained carefully. Marks of Internal exams, Model exams and University examinations need to be entered and the parent’s signature to be obtained. All marks should be acknowledged by the parents and this will be verified by the counselor on the day of submission of Diary. Students are required to keep the diary and produce to the office whenever demanded.

Failed In 3 And More Subjects In University Exams

Parents are requested to meet the class in-charge first, and then meet the respective counselor and The Head of the Department.

Hostel students who have more than two arrears they have to vacate the hostel.

Industrial Visit

Minimum two industrial visits will be arranged for our students in a semester. No other industrial visits are allowed outside Chennai except Sriharikota and no amount will be collected for all these tours.

College Rules And Regulations

  • College Timings: 8.00 A.m. To 3.15 P.m.
    Students are not permitted to enter into the campus after 7.50 a.m. and not allowed to leave before 3.20 p.m. Visitors (including Parents) are not allowed during the College hours.
  • UG Students should submit their +2 mark sheet, TC & CC in original. In case of CBSE & courses other than +2 of Tamil Nadu Board, 10th mark Sheet should also be submitted. If needed, Community Certificate should also be given.
  • College insists on 90 % attendance for theory classes and 100 % attendance for Laboratory classes. Students are eligible to take leave for 4 days / semester. Leave letter with parent’s signature or accompanied by a Medical Certificate only will be accepted. Students who take leave on Medical grounds should submit the Medical Certificate. Leave can be availed only with a prior permission taken either by the student or by the parent. Any leave taken without prior permission will be considered as double the leave i.e., a one day leave without permission will be considered as two days leave.
  • All requisition letters for Expenditure certificate, Leave Letters, Medical Certificate, Permission, Hostel matters including Permission and Leave should be addressed to THE PRINCIPAL.All requisition letters for Bonafide Certificates, Scholarship form, Charitable Trust Scholarship form, Book Bank scheme and Inplant Training should be addressed to THE DIRECTOR
  • Student should take prior permission for being absent from the class, failure of which will be viewed seriously and informed to the parents.
  • Students should not change their seating position frequently. Once a student takes a seat in a particular place, he / she should occupy the same seat for the whole year. He / She is responsible for scribbling on the desks or for any damage to that desk.
  • DRESS: All Students in the campus should be neatly dressed.
    All boy students are expected to wear self colored pants with their shirts neatly tucked in. They should wear only shoes. Slippers are not permitted. Jeans, T – Shirts are not allowed.
    • All girl students should wear only sarees or chudidhar with dhupata neatly pinned.
    • Students should not wear short salwar/Patiala pant/Short sleeves/bell bottom pants/leggings.
    • Students should not wear chudithar with deep low neck /knots/window design at the back/front of the chudithar tops.
    • Students should not wear sleeveless/transparent/net type hands/masakali patterns.
    • Students should not leave their hair loose/pony tail.
  • Students should not do straightening/coloring/for their hairs.
    Each student will be provided with an identity card with his / her name and photo. They should wear the ID card while being inside the campus and in the bus.
  • The following Dress regulation should be followed in the Lab / Workshop.
    Physics, Chemistry, Computer, Electronics labs: For both boys and girls, a long White over coat with leather shoes
    Basic workshop, and all Electrical labs: For both boys and girls, Khaki pants and Khaki half sleeved shirts with leather shoes.
  • Each and every student will be attached with a Staff as a Student counselor. The Counselor will monitor the student’s progress and advice / counsel him / her regarding academic and other activities for the entire academic year.

    Students are required to approach their Counselor for their academic needs.
    Every student must obey the rules and regulations of the Institution.

For Enquiries

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