To promote a spirit of continuous learning among its students, Panimalar Institute of technology assures peaceful and enriching hours in the library. One of the major highlights of the Panimalar Institute of Technology is its 2239 sq.m. air conditioned central library that has a seating capacity of 136. It has about 23659 volumes and 5980 titles of books that value around Rs. 1.44 Crores.

In addition to which, the library also subscribes to 130 International and National journals and periodicals. In this fully automated library, students and staff members can search for books by author, title or subject heading and their availability.Each student is given 5 library books at a time and they have allocated library hours/week. The Panimalar Library is an institutional member of prestigious libraries such as the British Council Library and Indest Consortium, AICTE Delhi.


Branch wise Resources

Branch National Journal International Journal Titles Volumes
Humanities and Science 13 6 1029 5092
CSE 18 6 1441 5118
IT 18 6 1042 3758
ECE 20 6 1234 4789
EEE 12 6 1001 4339
MECH 13 6 1458 5759
Total 94 36 7205 28855


  • Books will be issued only on of valid user ID card.
  • Books borrowed must be returned on or before the due date.
  • Only one renewal can be done at any one time.
  • Books will be renewed if there are no reservations.
  • Books will have to be physically presented for renewals.
  • Users are requested to verify the physical condition of the book/s before borrowing.
  • For late return of books, overdue charges will be collected as per rules in force.
  • Users are requested to collect receipt for fine amount paid by them.
  • Users are requested to deposit their bags/belongings (other than valuables) at the personal belongings counter.
  • Users are required to observe silence inside the library.
  • Misuse of library facilities is an offence and calls for punishment as decided by the competent authority.

Features of Central Library

Library is automated using Integrated Library Management system (ILMS)

AutoLib software is web enabled, Local Area Network System(LANS).Its developed using programming language for Java in front end and its Back end is MYSQL Database Management used. The version of 2018.

This software consists of 8 modules Database Management Systems, search (OPAC),Counter Management Systems,Acquisition Control Systems, Report Management Systems ,Serial Control Systems(Journals),Administration and Web Module.

It maintains all the activities of the library such as Transactions, Cataloguing ,Data Updating/Editing ,Serial Control,Searching all types of documents, Reports Generating etc.Especially searching the documents by simple search.Advanced search and restricted searches are facilitates users to find out relevant document easily and quickly.All kinds of Report generation can be taken such as daily transaction, unique titles of books, year wise addition, and spending of amount, Member reports etc.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facilities users to know the availability of books, searching of documents and borrowing details of documents within campus from the place where they are.

Acquisition Control Systems

Designed to automate various activities involved in book ordering and processing such as

  • Checking for duplicate
  • Receipt of Documents and Invoice Processing
  • Order follow-up, payment to suppliers
  • Status report, Vendor Information, etc.

Serial Control System(Journals)

  • Creation and maintenance of Journal Master
  • Subscription/Renewal of journals
  • Invoice Processing, Payment and budget control
  • Generation of journal issues with details
  • Searching /Browsing

System Administration

  • Create new user log in ID, Password and grant rights to access various modules
  • Create Group Master-to set due date, allowed cards for different documents for different categories
  • Conduct online stock verification
  • Maintain Budget Master

Simple Search

Advanced Search

Quick Search

Query Builder

Journal Article


News Clipping

User Account

Journal Search

eBook Search

Question bank

Circulation Management System





No Dues Certificate

Printing barcode

User Payment

Binding Books

Transaction Reports

Web Module

This module allows to search various databases using browsers like Internet Explorer or Lan/Intranet environment using web services and it has the following WEB OPAC modules

  • Simple search/Advanced search
  • Statistics
  • Search reports, circulation reports


  • Encyclopedia of Britannica : 32 Volumes
  • Encyclopedia Americana : 30 Volumes
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Environmental pollution : 5 Volumes
  • Encyclopedia of Management : 7 Volumes
  • Environmental Encyclopedia : Single Volume
  • Encyclopedia of Bioprocess Technology 5 Volumes

Does the Institution Have the Following E – Journals and E – Books

  • E-journals : IEEE, SME,ELSVIER,J-GATE
  • E-books : McGRAW HILL

Details Of Software

  • Name of ILMS software : AUTOLIB
  • Nature of automation (fully or partially ) : Fully
  • Version : 2018
  • Front end : Java technology
  • Back-end : MySQL database Management
  • Year of Automation : 25/08/2009
  • Collection of rare books, manuscripts, special reports or any other knowledge resources for library enrichment
  • Collection of rare books 2,452 : Includes (Encyclopedias ,Handbooks + Dictionaries)
  • Subject Related videos 115
  • Gate and competitive exam books 450 Nos With higher education and career guidance Project report : 1732
  • Library has also made provide for students old exam Question papers for preparing their examination from 2009 onwards.
  • For our user to access e-resources through subscription


  • IBM Server
  • HP Server
  • 43 – Clients
  • Network connection through twisted –pair cable.
  • Internet Connectivity
  • 20Mps Internet Speed

Library Services

  • E-Access Service
  • CD-Rom Search Service
  • Digital Library Service
  • Media Resource Service
  • Photocopying Service
  • Circulation Service
  • Reference Service
  • Inter Library Loan Service
  • News Paper Clipping Service

Special Features of Central Library

  • Qualified librarians ensure the best possible information services. Standard textbooks and books by well-known authors are stocked, and every effort is made to obtain all titles recommended by the faculty.
  • Multiple copies of popular books are bought to make them available to as many students as possible.
  • A copier facility is also provided for the benefit of those who access the library and fully automated for day-to-day operations, the library has a two server and 43 clients.
  • All students and faculty of the institute are eligible for the membership of the library.
  • The Auto Lib software is used for Library Automation.
  • All the books are bar-coded in the library & barcode laser scanners are used in the circulation counter for book transaction.

Report Management

  •  List of books by author, title, unique titles, supplier, call number, subjects, department, document type, availability, etc.
  • Amount spent for procuring books under various
  • List of journals – Indian/Foreign
  • List of Members
  • Accession register, catalogues
  • List of Suppliers/Publishers

Module Description

  • Books, Thesis, Non Books, Projects Reports
  • Journals, journal Issues Journal Articles and Back volumes
  • Authors, Publishers, Suppliers Subjects
  • Members,Departments,Courses


  • Handbook of Optics
  • Handbook of Mechanical Engineering
  • Standard Handbook of Plant Engineering
  • Electronic Engineers Handbook
  • Environmental Encyclopedia
  • Practical Antenne Handbook
  • Wireless Broad Band Handbook
  • The Communication Handbook
  • The RF Transmission Systems Handbook
  • Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers
  • Marks standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers
  • Computer Science and Engineering Handbook
  • Handbook of Software for Engineers and Scientists
  • Integrated Circuits Applications Handbook
  • Handbook of Organization Behiviour
  • Production Handbook
  • Database System Handbook
  • Process/Industrial Instrumentation and Control Handbook
  • Handbook of Practical Electrical Design
  • CRC Handbook of Electrical Filters
  • Automotive Handbook
  • Perry’s Chemical Engineers Handbook
  • Industrial Control Handbook
  • Machinery’s Handbook
  • Handbook of Neural Networks Signal Processing
  • Communication Technology Handbook
  • Chemical Engineer’s Portable Handbook
  • Handbook of Software Reliability Engineering
  • Juran’s Quality Handbook
  • Instrument Engineer’s Handbook
  • Electrical/Electronic Motor Handbook
  • Control Handbook – vol I to III
  • Power Electronics Handbook
  • Text Mining Handbook
  • Spice Circuit Handbook
  • Electronic Filter Design Handbook
  • Data Warehouse Management Handbook
  • Linear Circuit Design Handbook
  • Handbook of Information Technology


  • McGRAW Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical terms
  • Illustrated Oxford Dictionary
  • Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of human resource management
  • Websters new world college Dictionary
  • Cambridge international dictionary of English
  • Readers digest universal dictionary
  • Cambridge Dictionary of American English
  • Chambers Biographical Dictionary
  • Oxford Dictionary, Theasaurus& Word power guide
  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of current English
  • Hargrave’s Communications Dictionary

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